Our Pastor


The Jackson Apostolic Church is excited that you have taken the time to visit online! We hope that you will be blessed by our website. We are a congregation with a passion for the people of the city of Jackson and surrounding areas.

 .Working Together

We are all from different backgrounds, with different levels of education, and we all have different life experiences. However, even though we have all these differences, together we are a family. All of us working side by side to touch lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We may not know what you are going through or where you have been, but we do know that the Jackson Apostolic Church is a place for you.

.A Place For You

 You just might find, that Jackson Apostolic Church is A PLACE FOR YOU! We will never claim to be anything other than practical people. The Jackson Apostolic Church is a group of people from all walks of life: some with a great heritage of Pentecost, some with no church history at all, some have entered the doors of the church seeking a relationship with their God, others have entered the doors of the church just to find a place of refuge from the storms of their life.